Meet Analisa Joy

Did you know, in the state of Idaho a man has now way to defend himself from malicious sexual attacks from a woman?  When  you call the cops they refuse to help you because in Idaho only a man can perpetrate a rape.  If you defend your self physically then the cops will throw you in jail.  Gender discrimination runs rampant in the Idaho legal system, and only as a community can we see fairer laws like those in Washington put in place so that we can all be protected.

Donate to help us get a lawyer who can be bothered to help protect our first amendment rights.

Our current lawyer can't be bothered to defend our right to tell the world the truth about what happened.

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Analisa Joy was born 10/26/2009 at 1:53 in the morning, She weighed 7lbs 15oz, was 21.5in long, and this is just the start of her story.

My first photo gallery

My other first photo gallery

My 1 month photo gallery

I turned 2 months the day after Christmas, at my two month appointment the doctor told me I am 11lbs 13oz and 23.5in long, that I am growing like a weed, and strong as an ox.

My 1st Christmas!, and 2 month photo gallery

Ohh I got so much cute stuff for Christmas, look at all these presents. Clothes and toys and aren't I so cute in my little Christmas outfit.

I'm three months old today

Looky looky I'm smiling, and lots of people came to visit me. I am so pretty.

I'm four months old and I am huge

I saw the doctor and he said I was 14 and a half pounds and 26 inches long. He says I'm gonna be a giant just like my mama and papa. :)

I'm five months old now

I love to swing in my swing, and jump in my jumper but I really love to play with my play mat and hop on my daddy.

I've been here half a year

Wait what's a year. I'm now 16 and a half pounds and 27 and a half inches tall. My parents think I'm skinny but the doctor says I'm just great!

I've had a heck of a 7th month

Oh, my. It has been quite a month, I got to see grandma and granpa. We got a new flatter place to live but now I have to sleep in the big girl crib. Bye Bye bassinet, hello play yard. Sitting up is so much fun.

I'm so ready for a vacation!

The people at the Shepard's Fold day care say I'm to much work, but I know they just want a baby that is there more often. Looking for a new daycare is so weird. But mommy and daddy say we're going a trip. What's a trip? guess I'll find out.

I'm three quarters now!

So that's a trip? It sure was fun But I'm happy to be home. My new friends are so much fun!

10 means teethers!

Nom Nom nom, better watch out I'm gonna chomp ya!

11 Months of pure joy

Watch out that pitter Patter of little feet is me!

A whole Year of Me

It's been a big year so much to see so many friends to meet.

My second Halloween and Thanksgiving


My Second Christmas Through Valentines day

Dress up is fun fun fun

Valentines Day to 18 months old.

I'm getting lots of new teeth and I don't really like it. But I do like trying new things like going to the park and eating french fries!
Ohhh so nummy